Writing Assignment – Philosophy Active and Passive Euthanasia |

Instructions: For this assignment, it is required that you write seven full pages on the article provided . Be SURE to summarize the view of argument presented in the article and react to something from that article by arguing in favor of something discussed in the article or arguing against something discussed in the article.
Citation and reference requirement: It is required that each essay cites, quotes, or at least make specific references to content from the articles that you discuss in each essay. Then, at the end of the essay, a bibliography should be included that lists the citation of the article you discuss, or any other courses that you might choose to discuss in the essay.
Formatting requirements:Font and spacing: The essays need to be written in 12 sized font, double spaced, and written in Times New Roman font. • Indentations only: To separate paragraphs, use indentations at the start of each new paragraph. DO NOT put any space between paragraphs: paragraphs should only be distinguished from one another by indentations, not by spaces between them.


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