Write a clear and complete essay that: a) Defines anti-commu…

Write a clear and complete essay that:
a)     Defines anti-communism, containment, domino theory, détente, as well as linkage theory;
b)     Describes:
A.    The major event(s), the presidential actions(s) and the time period(s) involved with anticommunism, with containment, with domino theory, with détente, as well as with linkage theory;
B.    The tree reasons for U.S foreign policy towards the Soviet Union and for Soviet Union foreign policy towards the U.S during the Cold War;
a.     Power
i.                US emerged out of WWII as politically, economically, socially militarily superior to other big powers and USSR’s military and decimated and dewed a lot of money to the U.S
ii.               U.S was in a unipolarity
b.     Belief systems/ideology
i.                Ideological Compatibility/ Rival ideologies
1.     U.S wanted to spread democracy-liberty, capitalism
2.     Soviet Union wanted to emphasize communism                  
a.     Communism -a social, political, economic worldview or ideology where the mean of production are owned and controlled by an administration of things. And in that administration, ach gets according to what they need.
c.     Misperception/distrust-each country had fundamental misperceptions or distrust of the interests of the other country.
i.    Soviets where distrustful of U.S because
1.            U.S entered WWII late
2.           U.S opened up the second /western front late
3.           Leading the Soviets to think that the U.S was deliberately conspiring with Britain to let Germany successfully invade Russia
4.           U.S was delayed in sending lend lease supplies for reconstruction of Soviet/Western Europe.
5.           Manhattan Project- development of nuclear bomb capability.
6.           U.S secrecy in its intention to use the bomb twice over Japan, did not inform Stalin.
                             ii. Why were Americans distrustful 

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