who has read evicted 1st ed by matthew desmond and power and poverty 3rd ed by edward royce

The writing assignment should be about 6 pages-long, Century Schoolbook, 12 pt-font, 1 inch all around, double-spaced and APA format (check APA Style Guides here).

The paper should be presented in an organized and well-thought manner.

    • Those assignments are NOT summaries of the readings but analyses! (WARNING)
  • The goal of this paper is to read and answer the questions by evaluating and analyzing the common points and differences ACROSS the readings using your SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION
    • Do NOT write about each article one after another
    • When referencing articles, make sure to quote correctly with page number
    • Long quotations (3 lines or more) are NOT recommended but if you do use some, make sure they are single-spaced
  • Read Evicted book from pp. 1-107 and answer the following 3 questions:
    • Question 1: Using your sociological imagination, identify 2 themes and explain how individuals and families are affected by poverty.
    • Question 2: Using your sociological imagination, explain how poverty is structured around gender and location.
    • Question 3: Select one particular story and analyze it first without using your sociological imagination, and then again with a sociological imagination.
  • For the first 2 questions, this is how your answers should be structured:
    • Introduction of a common theme identified in the stories
    • Explain this theme using your sociological imagination
      • How does this theme help us understand the issues faced by people in poverty?
      • Provide in-depth analysis around this theme and how it is linked to poverty
      • Be sure to provide sources to support your claims (refer to Power & Poverty).
    • Provide short examples from the stories
    • Repeat for 2nd theme

  • The first 2 questions should be roughly 2 pages each and the last question should not be longer than 1 page.
  • Check the organization of your paper, spelling and grammar.


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