-What is the branch of psychology called where researchers s…

-What is the branch of psychology called where researchers study how groups work together and people interact with each other?
Social Psychology
Cross-cultural Psychology
Humanistic Psychology
Individual Psychology
-What does SR stand for in behavioral psychology?
Stimulus Response
Selective Response
Stimulation Reaction
Secondary Reaction
-What did the Little Albert Experiment tell us about the relation between stimuli and responses?
Conditioned responses can be eliminated
Conditioned responses cannot be eliminated
Responses to stimuli can be conditioned
Responses to stimuli cannot be conditioned
-Why does cognitive psychology consider the computer to be good analogy of the human brain?
It records information as binary code
Its operations cannot be seen
It stores vast quantities of information
It processes input and generates output
-What practice makes psychology a science rather than just a collection of ideas and arguments?
Publishing journal articles
Formal debates
Public funding
-Which part of the scientific process is observational research best suited for?
Refuting theories
Generating questions
Establishing theories
Generating answers
-If the amount of time a student spent studying was positively correlated with grades achieved, what would we expect to see if someone had low grades?
A strong negative correlation
There is not enough information to determine correlation
The student spent a lot of time studying
The student did not spend a lot of time studying
-A positive correlation between two variables means that as _______.
“one variable increases, the other variable increases”
“one variable decreases, the other variable increases”
“one variable decreases, the other variable stays the same”
“one variable increases, the other variable decreases”
-A scatter plot that shows a trend line that travels down to the right would demonstrate what type of correlation?
negative correlation
positive correlation
no correlation
weak correlation
-A t-test is a ratio of ___________ to ___________.
highest scores; lowest scores
expected values; observed values
success; failure
between-group differences; within-group differences
-A t-test is an example of __________ statistics.
-The upper curves of the brain are called ______________, while the deep grooves are called ________________.
white matter, fissures
gyri, grey matter
fissures, gyri
gyri, fissures
-What is the order of neuron structures from receiving information, processing information and sending information?
axon terminal, cell body, dendrites
terminal buttons, dendrites, cell body
dendrites, cell body, axon
synaptic cleft, cell body, dendrites
-Why does the surface of the brain contain folds?
To match the grooves on the inside of the skull
They allow for more brain tissue to fit in the skull
They look stylish
Pressure from cerebral fluids
-Constricting pupils, stimulated digestive and salivation activity and constricting lungs are due to the activation of the _________________ system.
central nervous
-The peripheral nervous system links the brain to the _________.
skeletal system
spinal cord
central nervous system
-Why is the brainstem considered to be a reptilian system?
It is attached to the brain stem
It is a primitive brain structure
It is present in all reptiles
It is shaped like a snake
-Damage to which structure of the brain would result in deficits in motor learning and the production of uncoordinated movements?
-What impairment would you expect to see in an individual with damage to their primary visual cortex?
Problems with depth perception
Inattentional blindness
Color blindness
Black spots in their field of vision

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