What are the primary teachings of each of the world religion…

DQ1 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Last week, you discussed two of the five major world religions: Hinduism and Buddhism. This week, you will examine the rise, spread, and development of the remaining three in particular: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Please review this week’s lesson, Chapter 4: The Flowering of Religion in the textbook, and the video demonstrating how religion spread around the world before answering the following questions.
How the 5 Major World Religions Spread (Links to an external site.)
Of the five major world religions, which are monotheistic and which are polytheistic? Why? What part of their origin stories render them monotheistic or polytheistic?
What are the primary teachings of each of the world religions?
How did each of these religions influence the others as they were developing?
DQ2 Capellanus and Courtly Love
In Chapter 5 of your textbook as well as in this week’s lesson, you began reading about the medieval period (also referred to as the Middle Ages or the Dark Ages). To get started, briefly discuss the feudal system of medieval Europe. Then, conduct a bit of research on Andreas Capellanus’s The Art of Courtly Love before you read the assigned section (see Chapter 5, pages 32–33, “What Persons Are Fit for Love” at https://sirmykel.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/the-art-of-courtly-love-andreas-cappelanus.pdf.
In Capellanus’s view, who is fit for love? Why or why not? How is this text based on the class system deeply ingrained within the feudal system?
Be sure to use specific examples from the lesson and text to help support your claims, and remember from last week that although we should not judge old texts against modern standards, we do need understand what ideas authors such as Capellanus present.
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