“What a Racquet?”

Hi, need to submit a 750 words paper on the topic DQ 7 m 5. Whereas it is believed that all traits of leadership cannot be taken as a concrete path but can be observed as per situation and according to the system of an organization.
In the article, “What a Racquet?” it is briefed that the success of Wilson’s Company is based on the approach towards observing leadership style in his organization. The main reason of its successful journey is the charismatic approach. Charismatic Leadership is based on the leader’s exceptional insights and foresightedness to understand and predict all the consequences if certain things lack, therefore immediate measures are taken to avoid loss before hand (Raelin, J. A. (2003). Weber refers Charismatic Leadership as a more spiritual belief or connection between a leader and his followers.
Author refers Jim Baugh as a charismatic leader because he possibly worked for the reasons of failures and he worked his best to come up with a product which fulfills the customers’ demands with perfection. In my opinion, he firstly worked on the issues which can cause major loss if not addressed initially and immediately, like knowing the customer’s demand before designing a product can assure sales or concentrating on the key point of marketing a product can publicize to acknowledge mass majorities (John Bell, 1997)
Charismatic Leadership is something which is not produced artificially after training, but it’s a niche of a person which can be groomed but cannot be infused. Meindl says that it is a social contagion, which is slightly arguable because there are many options or business tactics which are common and can be observed easily like Jim Baugh did but Leaders sometimes skip them though they are proved to be good leaders with appropriate sense of leadership. It is because they lack foresightedness or their instincts are not approaching for the things that should be done before to avoid negative repercussions.
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