watching the ( The Rape of Europa.) and answer the Questions |

need to watch the feature-length documentary
“The Rape of Europa.” Last time I checked it was available on Netflix, but I expect it is
also available through Amazon.
Read through the questions prior to watching the film so you know what to watch for.
Take notes, and then compose thoughtful answers to the questions.
Approximate total word count: 750 words

“The Rape of Europa” Questions
1. The overarching question is: how important is art, and how do we “value” it?
2. What role did art play in Hitler’s master plan? What various actions were taken by the
Nazis to achieve these ends?
3. What was the response in places like Poland, France, and Russia?
4. When was the National Gallery of Art in Washington founded? What was the Roberts
5. Who were the “Monuments Men”? What was their function, and what conditions and
challenges did they face?
6. What is the legacy of WWII on the world of art and culture? What has and what has
not been resolved?
7. What is your reaction to a film like this? What interested you most? What disturbed
you most? How does it change, if it does, your sense of the function and relative
importance of art in modern culture


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