The DNP program focuses on nurse leadership and provides the…

The mission of the University is to prepare graduates who demonstrate commitment to social justice, intellectual pursuit, and service to humanity.  
The DNP program focuses on nurse leadership and provides the student with the opportunity to develop and implement a quality improvement project within a selected practice site. Even though the quality improvement project does not include direct patient care, the intervention should focus on patient outcomes. An example would be to develop a protocol or policy and lead other health care professionals to implement the intervention at the practice site. It is highly recommended the student have a project mentor and practice site prior to starting the program. 
Reflecting on the focus of the Doctor of Nursing Practice in Leadership and the mission of university, submit an essay that discusses  all  three of the following topics: 
1. How obtaining a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree in leadership will align with your current or future role as a nurse leader and the mission of university? 
2. The knowledge, skills, and/or abilities you possess that will enable you to successfully earn the DNP degree. 
As a DNP student you will be required to complete a scholarly project. 
A. Identify a problem or a topic of interest in nursing that you would like to propose for the DNP scholarly project. 
B. Identify a practice site(s) where your scholarly project could be potentially implemented 
This essay will be evaluated based on the applicant’s ability to follow the essay instructions, using a logical/organized thought process, while demonstrating command of the English language and compliance with APA formatting and style guidelines. Ideas should be clear. Applicants are highly encouraged to provide current evidence support ideas. The paper should be double spaced and no longer than 3 pages in length. Cover and reference pages are not included in the page limit. 
Please note: The submission of a potential DNP project idea does not guarantee its future acceptance as a scholarly project after the student is admitted to the DNP program. 
 Topic of interest: Side effect of antipsychotics medication on the adult and older adults population Plagiarism Free Papers
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