The “Brain Budget”: Keep YOU and Your Most Valuable Asset Fi…

What is the “Brain Budget”?The Brain Budget is a prioritization system used to maximize energy and create space in the day for healthy lifestyle activities, to find joy and be productive. It facilitates prioritizing consciously and being more present with increased focus by spending “Brain Dollars” more mindfully.
“Brain dollars” are essentially a way to quantify your valuable time and energy. By balancing your spending and creating reserves we decrease effects of chronic stress, inflammation, and disease while maintaining well-being. In my line of work, I notice that our “Brain Dollars” are not frequently taken into account when making plans, schedules, and goals.
How Do I Use the Brain Budget Tool?When creating your Brain Budget there are multiple areas of life to take into account with the following questions. To make this easier to take stock of your Brain Budget categories, you can download the Brain Budget Tool here >>
Brain Budget Deposits:Think about your answers to these questions; then write them down on the Brain Budget Tool.
What gives you energy?Who gives you energy and support?What things will you do today that will make you feel grounded, nourished, energized, happy?Examples of tasks related to the Brain Budget categories are found on the Brain Budget Tool – click on the link to download it now, if you haven’t already!

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