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August 11, 2019
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August 11, 2019

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Culturally responsive assessment is the companion to culturally responsive teaching. In this assignment you will write a paper defining terms and concepts related to culturally responsive assessment and consider the challenges associated with this form of measuring learning.

Step 1. Define
In your own words, provide brief definitions of key terms and concepts related to culturally responsive assessment presented in this module. This may assume a list or narrative format.

Step 2. Explain
Explain how your definitions fit or do not fit in your current professional environment.

Step 3. Recommend
Considering the challenges associated with achieving culturally responsive assessment methods, what changes, updates or improvements would you recommend to school systems in general?

isolate the request crosswise over five processing plants in Thailand. Adequately we are redoing the worth chain to best address the client’s issues. Five weeks after we got the request, 10,000 articles of clothing touch base on the racks in Europe, all appearing as though they originated from one factory.5 Li and Fung customers profited in a few different ways: production network customization could abbreviate request satisfaction from a quarter of a year to five weeks, and this quicker turnaround enabled customers to decrease stock expenses. In addition, in its job as a go between, Li and Fung diminished coordinating and credit dangers, and furthermore offered quality confirmation to its clients. Moreover, with a worldwide sourcing system and economies of scale, Li and Fung could offer lower cost and more adaptable sourcing than its rivals. What’s more, through acquisitions and worldwide development, Li and Fung was stretching out this information base to sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean. At long last, Li and Fung gave state-of-the-art design and market pattern data to customers. Because of its Camberley obtaining in 1999, it began offering customers virtual assembling or item configuration administrations. As indicated by Victor, “Li and Fung does not claim any of the crates in the production network, rather we oversee and arrange it from above. The production of significant worth depends on an all encompassing origination of the worth chain.” as of late, in any case, Li and Fung had started to improve tasks by controlling or owning key connections in the chain. At times, Li and Fung offered crude material sourcing. In the past when customers submitted a request, Li and Fung would decide the maker most appropriate to supply the merchandise, and that production line would source its own crude materials. Be that as it may, Li and Fung comprehended its customers’ needs superior to anything its assembling plants did, so by offering crude materials to its providers, the organization both guaranteed more noteworthy quality control and purchased bigger and hence more financially savvy measures of crude materials, in this way creating cost investment funds for every producer. In such cases, Li and Fung likewise earned income by charging its processing plants a commission on every crude material buy they made. By mid-2000, almost 15 percent of Group deals included Li and Fung’s crude material sourcing administration. Joan Magretta, “Quick, Global, and Entrepreneurial: Supply Chain Management, Hong Kong Style, A meeting with Victor Fung,” Harvard Business Review, September-October 1998, p. 106. Corporate Culture and Compensation From the 1992 privatization on, the division of work between the Fung siblings was obvious: as Group executive, Victor was basically worried about the Group’s vital issues and long haul arranging; as Group overseeing chief, William took care of ordinary activities of the freely recorded exchanging arm, or as he clowned in an ongoing meeting, “Victor is the profound mastermind, and I simply make the money.”6 In another meeting, Victor kidded that “William considers me the visionary, implying that I don’t generally comprehend what’s going on.”7 But the two siblings lived in a similar loft working as their mom and sisters and talked each day to stay informed concerning advancements at Li and Fung. The team made a solid cooperative energy that was depicted by the CEO of the Group’s internet business adventure as A blend of both idea administration and execution, with the novel connection among Victor and William establishing the whole association. They make a specific sort of culture that mixes logic and, simultaneously, an acknowledgment of and receptiveness to advancement. As per Victor, when the business was fruitful, it was basic to keep a receptive outlook and instead of laying on their shrubs, that the test was to move past progress and look forward. Besides, Victor held that it was basic to develop a corporate culture that endured as well as supported decent variety, or in his words, “keep the way of life with the goal that it stays unassuming, coordinated, and responsive constantly and keep the individuals remotely engaged.” Biannual retreats were held in Hong Kong, senior administration gatherings gone to by division-level chiefs so as to encourage correspondence over the Group. Li and Fung’s 3,600 workers were spread the world over in workplaces going in size from 6 staff in Saipan to 1,100 in the Hong Kong head office. Five of the 48 workplaces were center points Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, and Turkey. Every 8 Joanna Slater, “Corporate Culture,” Far Eastern Economic Review, July 22, 1999, p. 12. (but the Hong Kong office) had 200 to 300 workers. Li and Fung was innovative, enabling ranking directors to run 90 little, overall supervisory crews as independent and individual organizations. These devoted groups of item pros concentrated on the necessities of explicit clients and were gathered under a Li and Fung corporate umbrella that gave brought together IT, money related, and regulatory help from Hong Kong. This decentralized corporate structure took into consideration flexibility and fast response to occasional design shifts. As a meritocracy, execution based advancement and pay were cardinal standards. Every one of Li and Fung’s top administrators arranged individual pay bundles. Rather than organizations that confined official rewards to a fixed level of compensation, Li and Fung rewards depended on benefits with no roof. It’s only one out of every odd organization that calls its administrators “little John Waynes.” But for Li and Fung, the picture catches superbly the drive, commitment, and freedom of the organization’s remote. As Li and Fung broadened its geographic reach, it likewise extended its blend of societies. What’s more, to deal with the blend it utilizes a basic equation: give directors the opportunity to function as they see fit, inasmuch as they land the position done.8 Tripartite Growth Strategy In 2000 Li and Fung saw its future development originating from a mix of natural development, development through securing, and expansion of its production network to new markets by means of the Internet.>



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