Social policy reform : power point presentation

Learning outcome 1: Identify how human service administrators can effectively advocate for their clients and their agency and why this is necessary.
Learning outcome 2: Determine appropriate action steps to create a policy proposal.
Learning outcome 6: Create a policy/advocacy project addressing the cost effectiveness and 
efficacy for a chosen population.
NOTE: The advocacy project will be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation 
with audio
Imagine you are an agency director faced with potential threats to your 
organization. You may utilize the human service issue of Child Support as the problem basis.
. You’ve learned about policy practice and advocacy. Now, 
you must activate a plan to protect your organization!!!
·Utilize the six-step policy analysis framework, determine the steps 
necessary to address the identified human service issue.
·Identify the stakeholders and why they are essential to the policy 
development process.
·Don’t forget staff, community leaders, and administration.
·Create the mission statement.
·Discuss types of services/programs
·Discuss presenting and defending strategies

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