SCM610 American International College Supply Chain Management Final Project

Find a business who would like your help! This may be the company that you work for or a company where you know a senior manager. Offer to conduct a Supply Chain Management process assessment! The process is shown on Figure 13-3 below – your responsibility will be to get through the Gap Analysis with recommendations for improvements (note – there will not be time in this course to actually implement your recommendations nor validate their successes!).
Your report will consist of:
1- All the materials you provided to the company,
2- All of the resulting assessments (should the sponsor allow confidential viewing by your instructor, or a summary of the results, or a signed memo from your sponsor stating what you accomplished),
3- A statement from your sponsor stating his/her impressions of your efforts, and
4- A formal report:

Executive Summary (in lieu of Abstract)
Introduction of your project, company and SCM process (1-2 pages)
Summary of your actions with the client (minimum 1 page) – NOT applicable for Option #2 (simulated data)
Your analysis to include Prioritized assessment results (minimum 2 pages with tables/charts)
Recommendations to the company with supporting details (minimum 2 pages)
Lessons that you learned through the project
Conclusion (summary of key findings for action)

(Lambert, 2014)
Documenting your project

Reports must be in 12-point font, double spaced, and APA guidelines should be strictly followed, with the exceptions of NO Table of Contents and writing an Executive Summary (in lieu of Abstract). Project work will be graded on a number of criteria, including: conformance to prescribed content and format, grammar, readability, and the use of technical notations and diagrams. See rubric for details of assessment.
Presentation of your project
The presentation should sell the recommendations of your project.
This individual presentation is to consist of 7 main slides (one for each step in Figure 13-3) — with speaking notes on each slide. A cover slide, overview slide, “define Supply Chain Management” slide, “define your process” and references slides are required (not included in the required main slide count).
This presentation format is designed for a 15-minute time slot to your CEO and Board of Directors, so plan accordingly (e.g. 10 minutes of presentation plus 5 minutes of Q&A — that’s only about 1 minute per slide!).
Submit a single PowerPoint presentation (or similar format) that includes
Final project — Elevator Pitch!
Have you ever got on an elevator and the CEO gets on too? You then have a “captive” audience only for the time until you reach the top floor! Let’s say 60 seconds!!! Therefore, you must also submit a 60-second video of summarizing your entire project! (Your instructor will stop watching at exactly 60 seconds, and score you based only on what was watched.) You may record using Collaborate, Kultura or any other method.
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