PSY 510 SPSS Assignment 3
Before you begin the assignment:
· Review the video tutorial in the Module Seven resources for an overview of conducting correlational analyses in SPSS.
· Download and open the Album Sales SPSS data set (this is the same data set that was used in SPSS Assignment 2). Data adapted from Field, A. (2013). Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.
An overview of the data set:
This data set contains data for 200 different rock albums (i.e., each row in the data set represents the data for one album). Specifically, the following variables are included:
· AlbumNumber: This is the ID number of the album. There are 200 albums, so this variable ranges from 1 to 200.
· RecordCompany: This is the record company that promoted the album. Values of “1” stand for Next Generation Records, and values of “2” stand for Worldwide Entertainment.
· Adverts: This is the advertising budget of the album. The values are in thousands of dollars.
· Sales: These are the sales of the album. The values are in thousands of sales.
· Airplay: This is the number of times that the album was played on the radio in the last year.
· Attract: This is the overall physical attractiveness of the band as rated by independent raters. The values for this variable range from 1 to 10.
1a) Use a scatterplot to examine the relationship between Adverts and Airplay.
Paste your scatterplot below:
1b) From the scatterplot, does there appear to be a strong correlation between Adverts and Airplay? If so, is the relationship positive or negative?
Type your answer below:
2a) Use a matrix scatterplot to examine all of the relationships between Sales, Adverts, and Airplay.
Paste your relevant output below:
2b) Describe the relationships between the variables. More specifically, do any of the variables appear strongly correlated? If there are correlations, is the relationship positive or negative?
Type your answer below:
3a) Examine the correlation between Adverts and Airplay.
Paste your relevant output below:
3b) Describe this correlation. What is the r-value? Does the r-value suggest a positive or negative correlation? Is the correlation weak or strong? Looking at the significance value, is the correlation significant?
Type your answer in complete sentences below:
4a) Create a correlation matrix that depicts the correlations between Sales, Adverts, and Airplay.
Paste your relevant output below:
4b) Are there any significant correlations between the variables? If so, explain which variables are correlated, and describe the nature of the correlation (i.e., positive or negative).
Type your answer below:
5a) Create an example of two variables (unrelated to the Album Sales data set) that you think would be negatively correlated. Describe the variables below.
Type your answer below:
5b) Create a new SPSS dataset that includes the two variables described in 5a. Enter hypothetical data for at least 10 participants. Run a scatterplot and then calculate the correlation using SPSS.
Paste your relevant output below:
5c) Describe the correlation that exists in your hypothetical data. Is it positive or negative? Is it significant?
Type your answer below:
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