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Identify a culture, such as African, Native American, Alaskan, Inuit, or ancient Egyptian, for the focus of your team’s multicultural unit. Create a multicultural unit that includes one fully developed lesson plan per team member. Each lesson plan must integrate at least one of the Art disciplines, including visual arts, drama, and dance, movement, and music. These lessons can be newly created or may be developed from one of the previous week’s templates. Write a 350- to 700-word historical overview for the unit. The overview must provide a broad view of the people of this time period, their beliefs and values, their lifestyle, and their art-making activities. Include a paragraph explaining the rationale for the unit Include the following for each lesson plan in the unit: Grade level, title, and time allotment Rationale for the lesson Content standards Objectives Materials Anticipatory set or motivation Procedures Adaptations for diverse learners Online, technology, and community resources Include at least one performance assessment relating to one of the lesson plans as an appendix. This assessment must accommodate diverse learners. Develop an assessment tool, such as a rubric, grading guide, or performance checklist, to accompany the performance assessment

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