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Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Integrated Unit Overview Develop a project-based, integrated social studies unit that includes the following: A 350- to 700-word unit overview in which you describe the unit. A minimum of five lessons. Your collective lessons must include literature, technology, and community resources. Each lesson does not need to incorporate all of these components. Your collective lessons must integrate with at least two other curriculum areas, such as language arts, math, science, or the arts. Each lesson does not need to integrate with other subject areas. You may include your lesson plan created in Week Two in the Individual Assignment: Social Studies Lesson Plan within the unit. Include the following in your lesson plans: Artifacts, such as historical or cultural items, maps, or primary resources Active learning opportunities or activities Inquiry-based learning methods A setup of the learning environment Relevant literature Web links or other technology resources Community resources, such as guest speakers, possible field trips, and materials A project-based, cumulative assessment and an assessment tool, such as a rubric or checklist

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