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Resources: University of Phoenix Material: Integrated Lesson Plan Format and the TaskStream Lesson Builder located on your student website Select one state physical education standard and one state health education standard. Create a lesson that integrates instruction of those content areas with the instruction of a core area content lesson, such as math, science, social studies, or language arts, which is also aligned with state standards. Address the relationship between your state’s health and physical education standards and the integration of those standards with core area content. Explore health education topics and physical education topics to be used in an integrated health and physical education lesson. Include the components in the University of Phoenix Material: Integrated Lesson Plan Format in your lesson plan. Create an appropriate assessment that captures mastery learning of each of the standards being measured. Examples of assessments include checklists, performance assessments, projects, presentations, research, rubrics, written assessment, or an authentic assessment. Align the assessments with the stated objectives and outcomes of the lessons. Include a copy of any assessment materials with your lesson plan

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