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EDU 657 Week 1 Colonial Higher Education, 1636-1784 Business – General Business Colonial Higher Education, 1636-1784. In Chapter One, Thelin (2011) described the influences of several topics and issues in higher education during the Colonial era. Choose a historical, political, ethical and/or economic issue under one of the following topics: § Governance and structure § College finances § Religion and the college § Philanthropy § The curriculum § Student diversity and experimentation § The limits of instructional purpose and educational mission Describe and provide examples for the topic you selected and how it influenced higher education during the Colonial era. In addition, please include how the same topic influences higher education today. Consider current and different perspectives on this topic today. Moreover, include and answer the following questions: a. Describe the most important factors of this issue both past and present. b. Examine some of the complexities of this issue both past and present. c. Evaluate some of the challenges of this issue that you feel need to be addressed today. Your paper should be two- to three- pages in length (not including the title and reference pages) and written in APA format. Cite at least one reference, in addition to the textbook. Remember to cite all references using APA style.

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