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Implementing E-Learning Solutions. Assume that you have been hired to lead a team of instructional designers in the creation and implementation of a large e-learning project. Many of the team members have never created e-learning solutions. Based on your reading, select one of the following ways to showcase your learning: Create a 15 to 20 slide PowerPoint presentation with annotations in the notes section of each slide 5-7 page essay Podcast or video Your PowerPoint, essay, podcast or video should introduce the team to e-learning and virtual classroom issues and considerations. At a minimum, you should: Define e-learning Discuss collaboration and related tools Discuss ways learners can communicate, collaborate and interact Explain the role of instructional design models Explain how you will leverage technology to enhance learning Discuss best practices for media use Discuss ways to manage virtual courses Discuss ways to best teach in a virtual classroom Assume that you will use your work to start a brainstorming session with your new group. You should provide recommendations for each of your answers and justify why.

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