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Academic Advisor Training Syllabus. Project Scenario: Assume the hypothetical role of a Student Affairs professional within a university setting. You have been asked by your supervisor to prepare one 50-minute training session for a new team of academic advisors, who will be hired and onsite by the next semester, and an advance reading list that they will have read prior to the training. Your goal is to train the team of academic advisors on one learning objective that you will develop with an individual identity focus or a social identity focus as justified by student development theory. As you have read in your Final Project instructions, one of the components of your project will include a one-page training syllabus that outlines the 50-minute training session on one, focused objective that is related either to student individual identity development or social identity development. For your Week Five submission, you will begin with the training objective and reading list you completed in Week Three to develop the one-page training syllabus. The training should be focused on one key issue that the academic advisors will commonly encounter in their first term of service as related to the training objective. Be sure to keep in mind that your training session is limited to 50 minutes, and time at the beginning of a new term in a busy academic setting is valuable, so the focus of the session is essential. X

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