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EDU 645 Week 6 Discussion 1 Using Student Data for Instructional Improvement Using Student Data for Instructional Improvement. Following your last lesson, you discover only 60% of your students met the learning outcome. Not only did they demonstrate a lack of understanding through non-written, observable formative assessments, but the data from their assignment as scored through use of a rubric revealed the majority of the class did not meet the objective. Using one of the two instructional plans you previously created, determine the following:  How you will identify particular areas of need/misunderstanding (what will you look for? See Chapter 6 from Ward, Fischer, Frey, & Lapp).  How you will address and re-teach with differentiation, so students meet the learning objective?  How you will employ students in the process of self-reflection and identifying areas of misunderstanding?  How you will reassess for the learning objective?  How will these instructional adjustments better prepare them for the impending summative assessment? Guided Response: Respond to at least two classmates’ posts and provide specific feedback regarding their analysis and ideas for differentiation, student reflection, and reassessment

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