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Healthcare for At-Risk Children. In a three- to five- page paper: · �      §Give a detailed overview of theEPSDT & Title V programand its benefits ( · �      §Research how your state or local area may implement this program to address health care for at-risk children (ex: Is there a mobile clinic? Does the health department conduct these visits? Can people go to the doctor of their choice?). · �      §What types of healthcare services may be needed in communities for at-risk youth that may not be covered under the EPSDT and Title V program? · �      §Do you believe the needs of at-risk youth being met? Support your position with data from your state. The paper will be a minimum of three- to five- pages, not including the title page and reference page. Include at least three sources, in addition to the required readings. The paper must be grammatically correct, properly cited, and written according to APA guidelines.

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