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Hello, my name is Kyla, and I am a BSN to DNP PMHNP student. I moved to Florida last year and currently work as a psychiatric nurse in an acute inpatient unit. Additionally, I recently began clinical at Largo Medical Center for Psychiatric Management I. In my free time, I enjoy baking, traveling, and walking my dogs. Psychiatric medicine has always been my passion, and I feel grateful I can continue my education in a so often overlooked field. I look forward to continuing my learning alongside my classmates in the months to come!
My personal nursing philosophy is to provide holistic and empathetic care to patients in dire need of support. This process of considering the holistic nature of the individual is essential to psychiatry. As Reed (2017) mentions, humans are more than a sum of their parts and are directly related to their environment. In psychiatric medicine, many patients endure various struggles in their lives before admission, ranging from homelessness to abuse. Therefore, I aim to provide a nonjudgmental and supportive atmosphere to ease their anxiety surrounding inpatient hospitalization. This open approach encourages their healing and comfort beginning the minute they are brought onto the unit. This is especially relevant given that many patients admitted for psychiatric care are involuntarily committed, resulting in an array of immediate negative emotions and concerns. In addition to this philosophy, I believe in serving my patients with transparency and integrity to promote trust and safety. Jakunis et al. (2021) assert that nursing philosophy emphasizes morality and ethics to promote the well-being of those in nurses†care. Moreover, nursing philosophy integrates the nurse, environment, and health to create the scope through which we examine such concepts (Bender, 2018). By discussing nursing philosophy, healthcare practice may be improved by enacting policies to empower nurses and the interdisciplinary team alike.
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