Workplace Safety WHS incident consultant for a business operatorGENS5013/AVIA3013 Group Assignment Brief S2, 2018Background:Your group is a team of consultants preparing information for business operators to helpthem learn from investigated WHS incidents. To do this, you will need to choose andshowcase an important WHS scenario (accident, near hit or situation resulting ininjury/disease) and highlight what could have been done differently in order to haveprevented the negative outcome(s).The task:Research a particular Australian workplace safety scenario (an incident, near hit, situationresulting in injury/disease or fatality etc) as a group. An example might be the “pink batts”scheme which resulted several fatalities and a Royal Commission. Ensure that you choose ascenario for which there are multiple sources of information (ie. Not just news reports).Briefly describe what happened in the scenario and why you chose it. (What makes itinteresting, important or significant in relation to data on injury or exposure, and itsoutcomes and implications for business?)Analyse the work system to understand and identify the factors that contributed to thescenario using frameworks from theory/literature.Outline what should be done systemically by all relevant stakeholders in the future toensure it does not happen again.Note:All scenarios chosen should include a significant contribution to the scenario by theworkplace environment (physical and/or psychological), work organisation and /orequipment. If you choose an aviation incident (such as a crash or runway excursion)then you need to remember to look at the issue from a WHS perspective, ratherthan an operational perspective.Information about the chosen scenario should be publically available. For example,you might find information about the scenario from a range of sources, includinglegal report/prosecution summaries, media coverage, case study reports,investigation reports, royal commissions, public inquiries, coroner’s reports, orvarious organisational websites etc. You will need to consult a range of sources.You will need to refer to the research literature, relevant guidance material andlegislation in formulating your response.Report format:Develop a set of powerpoint slides (Maximum 20 slides, in Size 20 font) which responds tothe task aboveReferences should be provided on additional slides (ie. the reference list will not be countedin the 20 slides). References must still be provided in the text of your assignment. Notes onthe slides (ie material that is not on the slides) will not be considered when marking theassignment).Assessment criteria:High marks will be awarded to assignments thatAppropriately address all parts of the taskUse theory, statistics and other source materials appropriatelyDemonstrate critical analysis of scenarios and control strategies, and application ofcore concepts from the courseDemonstrate integration of group members’ workClearly and effectively present information and ideasAppropriately acknowledge source materialThe post Workplace Safety WHS incident consultant for a business operator appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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