Wind Rose for determining prevailing winds at a particular Airport locationsTASK: Your aviation weather consulting team has been hired by an airport planning and development firm to create a document that outlines important weather considerations for planning and developing new regional airports in the Western United States. The document will contain the following specific items:1) A summary for how to interpret a wind rose for determining prevailing winds at a particular location (important in runway orientation planning), and provide a public website resource for wind rose data.2) A table that summarizes the possible weather and associated aviation impacts for each of the following topographic scenarios common to the western United States:a) Along the west coast of a continent with steep mountains to the east (a topographic scenario similar to Santa Barbara Airport, located on the Southern California Coast)b) Within a valley in elevated terrain surrounded by high mountains, (a topographic scenario similar to Friedman Memorial Airport, located in Central Idaho at an elevation of 5300 feet)c) In elevated terrain on the leeside of high mountains (a topographic scenario similar to Northern Colorado Regional Airport, located in northern Colorado, at an elevation of 5000 feet, on the leeside of the Rocky mountains)The post Wind Rose for determining prevailing winds at a particular Airport locations appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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