The professor wants us to go to a concert of any and any questions about it. It has to be anywhere in New york. I live in brooklyn, so it cant be too far away. WE have to answer everything what the professor gave us. You have to answer HONESTLY or she will know. Once you figure out what concert it is, write it down, Where it is, what date and time, does it fall in the deadline she gave us? Once you find the concert, please put a url of where it is so the professor can check it. This will be hard but i know you can do this. It had to be in a group but i spoke to my professor and i can do this alone. I hope you can help me do this because the due date is on September 24 at midnight. if you have any questions, please let me know.Unrestricted Live Music Experience (post in the Discussion forum of Bb).U9 and U12 will discuss posts in class; NET A and NET B will discuss posts online.Assignment overview:Attend/participate in a live music experience you choose, any time before Nov. 26th.Post a description of the experience on BbRead everyone’s posts between Nov. 27th and the Dec. 9th class (U9 and U12).Discuss and share experiences with your peers in class on Dec. 9th (U9 and U12 sections)You may complete your ULME anytime in the semester before Nov. 26th, however the discussion forum will only be open between Nov. 11-26 (see time frame, next page)What you should write and post in the discussion forum:Vividly and concisely, describe your ULME so that your peers can vicariously experience it and comment on it (in class, U9 and U12; on Bb, NET A and B). Your description should be no longer than 500 words (concise, precise writing shows clear organized thinking). It should contain basic information, such as:What was the music experience? (a sound-installation art exhibit? A concert? A music museum or exhibit? An informal, spontaneous music performance?)Where was it?When was it?Who were the musicians or how did the experience pertain to music?Were the presenters/performers students, amateurs or professionals?Did you plan to attend the event or did you encounter it spontaneously?Was it formal or informal?Describe the music and your experience.What did you learn or gain from the experience?Compare your ULME with your LME #1 and #2.In NYC, you have a plethora of performed music all around you—from subway platforms to Lincoln Center. You also have a world of music artifacts and museums, archives, and other music experiences to explore in NYC.Your choice of ULME is open, free and unrestricted as long as it is a live music experience (you attend or participate live, not virtually; see LME Overview). Thus, there is no proposal form or proposal/approval process your experience. I will happily make suggestions or answer your questions upon request, however, this assignment is truly of your own choice of music experiences.Although your choice of music experience is free/open unrestricted (as long as it is a live experience/interaction with music), the assignment itself is not optional—it is a part of class and your grade.GO ON TO NEXT PAGEAssessment:Between Nov. 11th and November 26th, post a concise (under 500 words) and vivid description of the ULME you attendedRead all posts of your peers before class on Dec. 9th for in-class discussion of ULME posts. You may respond to posts on Bb, however the main discussion will be f2f in class.Calendar and due dates:Sept. 9-Nov. 26: Attend/participate in any live music experience you choose. Summarize your experience in 500 words or fewer (answering and addressing the questions on the previous page). The discussion forum will not open until Nov. 10th, however you should write your summary as soon after the event as possible while your memory of it is still fresh.Nov. 10th: I will open up the discussion forum on Bb in all sections for you to post their ULME descriptions (U9, U12, NET A and NET B).Nov. 11-26: Post your ULME description in your class’ discussion forum.Nov. 27-Dec. 8: Read peers’ ULME posts (U9, U12, NET A and NET B).Dec. 9th: U9 and U12 will discuss posts in class (f2f).END OF FILEThe post Unrestricted Live Music Experience (post in the Discussion forum of Bb). appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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