Theology: new testament: Jesus of NazarethRespond to the prompt in 800-1000 words double spaced. You may use all of the lecture and reading materials presented during this part of the course as you prepare your response the notes are from the new testament,gospel of mark and genesis.Prompt: “Within Mark’s narrative why does Jesus of Nazareth want his miracles and exorcisms kept secret and how does he narrate this? Answer from the following perspectives: 1. The world behind the text 2. The world of the text”Please put in consideration when writing the essay to: Demonstrates a thorough grasp of this part of the course by utilizing vocabulary, imagery, and ideas drawn directly from materials in the New Testament and notes. Please bring together elements from the course and the gospel into your own synthesis. Demonstrates capacity to analyze materials by drawing your own conclusions about the significance of the materials. Please references all of primary reading, secondary reading, and lecture materials. Grammar and spelling should be perfect.The post Theology: new testament: Jesus of Nazareth appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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