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The Informative Speech

REQUIREMENT: You were asked to select the Georgia landmark of your choice for your topic for the Informative Speech. Students who do not meet this requirement will be penalized. You are to submit the PowerPoint with narration in this dropbox.


The audio is to be IN your PowerPoint file and NOT as a separate file.
There should be audio on every slide or there will be a 15 point penalty.
Do not just record your entire speech on slide #1. Again, there should be audio (narration) associated with every slide.
You may use graphics as your assignment should have visual appeal.
Only use bullet points on your slides. Your speech is your narration.
There will be a 10 point penalty if you only use pictures on your slides. Bulleted main points are required.
You should have NO LESS than 6 slides and NO MORE than 15 slides.
If you meet the slide requirement, I will not hold students to a time requirement. However, your speech should be more than 1.5 minutes (smile).
Your last slide should be your reference slide. List the sources used. There will be a 10 point penalty if no reference slide is used.
Remember, you submitted your outline and “bib” for this assignment last week. Do not resubmit them.

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