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The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw

Greatest Generation

Pages 139 – 162
This is the ONLY source required. (cite page numbers)

1) Brokaw mentions the following organizations: WAAC (later known as WAC) and WAVES. What were these two organizations? Use the book AND the internet to explore this question in detail.

2) What did Mary Hallaren do before the war and during the war? What did she do after the war to help other women in the military? And what did she do after her military career that helped impact American history?

3) Who was Jeanne Holm? What did she do before and during WWII? What did she do after the war and how would her actions after the war help change the role of women in the military forever?

4) Who were some of the women (from the book) who stayed in America during the war to serve on the “home front”? What did they do to help the war effort? How did their wartime experiences help them later in life? Finally, what did these women have to say about the younger generations of Americans?

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