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Summary and recommendation paper

Making use of your annotated bibliography and content learned throughout the course, you will create a summary and recommendation paper that will:

Integrate what is known about grit and your chosen population based upon prior research.
Identify your specific population.
Share findings from prior research with this population and tell the reader what has already been established.
Identify a need for an intervention on the micro, mezzo, or macro level.
Why is this population in need of a targeted intervention?
In what ways are they vulnerable, or how could their lives be improved by an intervention?
Make a recommendation of a specific intervention and describe how this intervention could be carried out. In other words, what should be done and how could it be done?
The intervention can be in the form of an evidence-based clinical tool, the addition of a group or service, a staff training, an agency policy, or a need for a research study.
You should use your internship setting as a frame of reference or utilize a macro lens.
You may make mention of a sampling plan (what type of sample you would use) or a proposed research design in this section, depending on the details of your recommendation.
You should address how your proposal is culturally sensitive to the needs of your population.

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