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Standing up for children

Select one of the following articles. Answer the questions outlined in a 3-5 page paper citing 4-5 resources. Of these resources, at least 3 must be scholarly journals or texts. You may cite up to 2 websites if you choose (but they must be scholarly resources). You are expected to submit a cover page, 3-5 pages of text, and a reference page, all in APA format.
Article Selections and Questions:

I selected Standing Up for Children.
Edelman, M. (2004). Standing Up for Children. The Impossible Will Take a Little While: A Citizens Guide To Hope In A Time Of Fear. Basic Books: New York. Pp.37-46.
* My reaction paper is based off of the article above but I also need to use outside sources as stated in the directions to help answer the questions.

-Article Selections and Questions:

– Discuss the overall reaction to the article, where did the authors influences comes from (social movements, religion, politics)?-discuss each influence

– The author makes several suggestions to “render the priorities in America”-all italicized. Select 2-3 and elaborate, stating specifically how you would make these suggestions a reality in today’s world.

– -What does the author mean when she states “make our nation and world fit for our children and grandchildren is a task for marathoners, not sprinters”? In what ways do you feel social workers work to be marathoners?

– Whose responsibility is it to stand up for children? Be specific and state how these professionals/personal connections in the child’s life should do so.

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