Sociological Lens Experiment

With your “experiment” breaking norms, you had the experience of testing and receiving a reaction. For Discussion Forum 2 (DF2), you will elaborate on this experience.


You are in a park and you want to find out how many people will look for an owner of a dropped item. Using your sociological lens (sociological perspective) and reviewing your chapter on Research within your text, follow the directions below.


This assignment involves 2 of our sociological lens assignments.

Your writing will discuss:

the actual observation;

how you set up the experiment;

the conclusion you came to as related to sociology. (400-500 words)

Example: Sociological Lens Experiment:

How I design the experiment?

What I found from this observation experiment

Relationship to sociology

Textbook is “Our Social World” 6th edition. Citations in APA please.

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