OVER THIS SHORT STORY “A WORN PATH”I NEED ASAP BY TONIGHT THANK YOURespond to the one prompt in a 3bpage fiction response essay. Your essay should be in MLA format, make use of support from the story or stories chosen (using quotation, summary and/or paraphrase) and should include citations in-text and on a Works Cited page.Remember to avoid summarizing a story – instead, focus on answering the question(s) and explaining why the quotes and passages you’ve chosen are significant. You do not need to consult research or outside sources for this paper.Write an essay examining how a story of your choosing makes a statement about a social issue (class, race, gender, ageism, cultural identity). What claim does the story seem to be making? How does it use literary devices to illustrate its point? What characters seem to be speaking on behalf of the theme?The post SHORT STORY “A WORN PATH” appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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