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Short-Answer Essay

Textbook required for Course:

Title: Experiencing MIS: A Custom Edition for CIS250 
Authors: David M. Kroenke and Randall J. Boyle
ISBN: 978-1323835050


The following are required for this lesson:

  1. Read Chapter 8, “Social Media Information Systems,” pages 209-238.
  2. Read Chapter Extension 11, “Enterprise Social Networks and Knowledge Management,” pages 535-548.
  3. Complete the Lesson 8 Short-Answer Essay questions (40 points).

Short-Answer Essay

Answer the following questions in short-answer essay format. Your short-answer essay must address all parts of each question and include definitions and examples where appropriate or required.

You are required to cite all sources used in writing your essay with APA citation formatting. At a minimum, you must use your textbook as a source of information; however, you may include other sources. Review the Grading MatrixPDF  for more information on how essays are graded and the tutorials for information on how to cite sources correctly.

  1. Complete the Lesson 8 Short-Answer Essay by answering the following:
    1. Define content management systems (CMS), explain the challenges of content management, and discuss three alternatives to content management applications.
    2. Explain the differences between traditional customer relationship management (CRM) and social customer relationship management.
    3. Explain how business organizations currently view social media information systems (SMIS) and how they should respond to problematic content shared through social networking.
  2. Submit the assignment, which is Lesson 8 Short-Answer Essay in the gradebook.

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