Science Lyme’s DiseaseIn 4 to 5 paragraphs, answer the questions below, which mirror the critical elements for Sections II and III of the final project. The questions will help you complete these sections of your final project.Disease History and Etiology: In this section, you will discuss the cause of the disease, its history, and how it has been treated in the past.Using consumable language, have you briefly described the etiology of the disease?Have you identified when the disease was first recognized in human populations and briefly explained how the disease has historically been treated?Development and Symptoms: In this section, you will discuss the stages and development of the disease, the symptoms, and the effect the disease has on the human body.Have you explained how individuals develop or contract the disease?Have you identified the internal areas of the body that are affected, explaining the impact of the disease on those areas?Have you described the external signs and symptoms of the disease?The post Science Lyme’s Disease appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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