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SWOT Analysis

Directions: Create a hypothetical human services program and build the organizational design. This assignment consists of three parts. You must complete all three parts.

Part A: Program Highlights

Use the following APA headings and write at least one full paragraph for each heading:

Program Highlights
Mission Statement and Goals of Program

Part B: SWOT Analysis

Using the attached SWOT template, create a SWOT analysis for the program. Before you create the SWOT analysis, research and review at least 5 other SWOT analyses from the FSCJ library databases, at least 3 of these must be related to human services or human services agencies. Incorporate the format of these articles into your paper. Be in-depth and thorough in your examination of the issues that may affect your program. You may create a graphic to include with your analysis.

Part C: Organizational Theory

Describe the best approach to the organizational design of your program. You should include a brief description of the five approaches detailed in your Lewis text (classical, bureaucratic theories; human services approaches; contingency theories; open systems theories; and empowerment-oriented theories) as well as citations and references from your sources that support your statements.

Remember to include a list of references at the end of the paper that supports all parts of the assignment.

This paper must:

have a thesis statement (statement of purpose/intent), must indicate the topics to be covered
use ONLY professional, objective language. Use objective, formal, not conversational tone/style
include sources of information no older than 5 years old
use APA style (references, citations, headers, font style, spacing, etc.)
use direct quotes sparingly – work on paraphrasing and appropriate citations for the paraphrased information
References must be obtained from the library database and include scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. Avoid using websites as part of the reference page or citations within the paper. Refer to the Purdue Owl website for more information regarding APA format.

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