Psychology, Literature Review- CCPT for Children with ADHDMany articles have been provided but if additional are needed, please reference and attach article. Review the attached evaluation proposal on Child-Centered Play Therapy on children (grades 1-2) and create a literature review that flows from the evaluation proposal.Provide a thorough review of the literature regarding the successes and/or failures of interventions, EBP and otherwise, that have been tested to address the problem you selected in general as well as in consideration of your population (children grades 1-2). Conversely, if peer–reviewed articles on interventions that have been employed to address your problem are rather limited and/or if attention to your problem and/or population is relatively recent, articles that are more clinical (as opposed to empirical) in nature should be reviewed as a means to identify relevant concepts and/or considerations related to emerging intervention approaches and their associated outcomes with respect to the problem and/or population. DO NOT write the literature review as an annotated bibliography (e.g., a paragraph on Article A, a paragraph on Article B, etc.). Rather, a literature review should be integrated, discussing empirical studies or conceptual articles that are similar in focus within the same sub–section or paragraph. DO NOT use direct quotes, DO NOT write in first or second person.The post Psychology, Literature Review- CCPT for Children with ADHD appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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