Project Management Stakeholder complexity (mostly External) in mega projectsHi there,I ordered this exact paper previously but the work i submitted failed so i have to resit the course. I am looking for work that is guaranteed a pass. I am in a top 10 uk university so marking is harsher which is why the last one failed so a higher standard is needed for the 50% passing mark. I have been told by costumer service of a top writer being assigned so i hope this gets me there. I am really counting on this because it’s only thing i have left to graduate.the overall feedback of the paper submitted was, “Overall this is a poor response to the Paper Brief, largely unrelated to complexity caused by stakeholders, and failing to address Part A of the Brief”I have attached the paper i submitted so you can know the failing paper. I have also attached the assignment brief. Lastly, i have attached my lecturers comments on what was bad about that essay and what needs to be improved and how the previous essay did not address the assignment brief. Basically, its about stakeholders of the selected project and how it increases complexity. They want a focus on external stakeholders and the findings be analysed and concluded. I am sure if you read the term paper brief and the comments of the failed paper you will know what they want out of this essay.The last essay did not have an introduction so it would be nice if this one did. Regarding the selection of project from the brief, crossrail can be used again or any of the others that works best for you. I really don’t mind, all i ask for is simply for a good piece of work that will make me a pass.If there is any clarification that is needed, really, i am here to answer. I am all ears. I am really counting on this and i hope it all goes well.Many thanks in advancePlease be advised that the absolute word limit of the essay is flat at 3000.The post Project Management Stakeholder complexity (mostly External) in mega projects appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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