REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP)Acting as the director of the owner’s construction staff, you will want to secure CMDB services under a GMP contract. A representative project is a 6-story, 200,000 SF hospital project. The contract will be cost-plus, GMP of $40 million (CM at-risk, with 25% incentive), and the delivery mode will be CMDB. An A/E firm offering comprehensive design services partners with the construction firm for this project, as they have done for a number of earlier, successful projects. The owner has decided to contract directly with vendors and manufacturers to procure some special medical equipment and furnishings, but its installation remains the responsibility of the CM.The owner seeks beneficial occupancy in March 2021. It includes operating suites, a dining facility, parking lot, emergency services, and 250 beds. The site has been purchased, and the 5% preliminary design complies with all provisions of the applicable zoning ordinances. The cost does not include specialized medical equipment, which the owner chooses and provides; however, close coordination must be assured with medical equipment manufacturers, to ensure smooth delivery and installation. As you prepare a thorough and accurate RFP, you must use your imagination to fill in some gaps. The idea here is not necessarily to write the RFP as some firms with which you are familiar might write it. Use the prescribed format. Consider this in a more academic vein.Information in an RFPScope of Work or ServicesQualification CriteriaEvaluation CriteriaPrice/Cost ConsiderationsRepresentations and CertificationsProposal FormatAdvance AgreementsOptional InformationThe post Project Management REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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