Project Management Exam essay 1 BUS 507Project Strategy Exam I covers Chapters 1-5. Download and read the four essay questions. Respond to each question with about 1 page of double spaced content. Submit your work via the title link by Friday of Week 5.Exam I – Questions (Adapted from Parente, 2013)The essay exam consists of scenarios students are asked to complete based on SIM, and insights and perspectives from the Project Strategy text. Respond to each question with about 1 page of double spaced content.References/citations are acceptable, but should not exceed 10-20% of your writing, with 80-90% original content. Remembering that the scenarios are based on SIM, with insights and perspectives from the Project Strategy text, your answers should be specific to SIM and include project management solutions to resolve specific issues and problems.Writing Objectives (2-2)Purpose: To practice writing “good” goals.Instructions:Write three goals for your Executive Sponsor (Instructor).Be sure that the goals are in SMARTc3 format. (See Project Strategy, Chapter 3)Note: Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Relevant, Timed, caveat or limitation, 3 levelsEg. Increase sales by 10% within the next year without decreasing price. (satisfactory = 10%; good = 13%; outstanding = 15%)Deliverable: Three goals in SMARTc3 format.Project Scope Statement and Charter (4-1)Purpose: To write a project scope statement and charter.Instructions:Using the instructions and the examples in your text, write a Project Scope Statement for your simulation. As in a real project, you will need to extrapolate some of the information (i.e. requirements and limitations).Students can use the Project Charter template provided by the instructor.Deliverable: Project Charter including objectives, deliverables, milestones, technical requirements, limits and exclusions, and customer review as appropriate.Project Responsibility Matrix (4-3)Purpose: To create a Project Responsibility Matrix for your class team members.Instructions:Identify the project tasks for your class team.Create a Responsibility Matrix for your project for the semester.Be sure to assign primary and supporting responsibilities.Use a RACI Chart template from the internet.Deliverable: Project Responsibility Matrix for your class team.Risk, Risk Response, and Risk Management (2-6)Purpose: To appropriately identify risk and develop plans for response.To understand and manage project risk.Instructions:Identify the sources of possible risk for your simulation project.Develop a Risk Assessment Matrix and a response to Risk Matrix.Prepare a list of 3 potential risk events and develop a Risk Assessment Form.Also, prepare a Risk Severity Matrix. Prepare a Failure Mode and Effects assessment to stratify the risks.Deliverables: Risk Analysis Document, Risk Assessment, and Risk Severity Matrix.Please check the link to the additional materials provided by the client: post Project Management Exam essay 1 BUS 507 appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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