police brutality in americausing for your Research Paper which is due Week#7. The PowerPoint presentation will involve a critique of the article and presenting that material in a PowerPoint Presentation. The content of the PowerPoint presentation should include the following:The Scholarly Academic Article should be recent (within the last ten years).Brief overview of the article provided; the thesis of the article is clearly stated.Research methods used to study the problem should be discussed and critiqued in detail.The authors’ conclusions and recommendations should be discussed.The critique should address the following questions: What methods did the author use to investigate the topic? Were the appropriate methods used? Did the author’s approach to supporting the thesis make sense? Did the author employ the methods correctly? Did you discover any errors in the way the research was conducted?Suggested Subtitles: for your PowerPoint Presentation include:OverviewDescription of the Research ProblemResearch MethodologyContributions to the LiteratureCritique of the ArticlePowerPoint should be at least 8 slides.POWERPOINT PRESENTATION – Considerations for your presentation.Information is organized in a clear, logical way.Presentation includes all material needed to gain a comfortable understanding of the topic.Presentation shows considerable originality and creativity.Presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors.PowerPoint contains a minimum of 8 slides.All sources (information and graphics) are accurately documented in APA format.Presentation ranges between 10-15 minutes.The post police brutality in america appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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