persuasiveness of your argument and public speaking toolsIn addressing the current threats to the TV weathercasting industry, the author Robert Henson of our textbook states the following“Younger U.S. audiences were turning away from broadcast and cable channels in droves. Millions took to watching network series on the Internet and finding news and weather on Web sites or through their cell phones. Local stations did their best to keep up through their own news-oriented Web sites, and many weathercasters began blogging with gusto, providing far more perspective on the forecast than they could in a brief TV segment.”This leads to the important question on the proper role of the internet in TV weathercasting. In this assignment, you will write a 1000-word essay on this topic. In your paper, you will defend or reject the following statement:“The use of social media and news-oriented Web pages have been a net positive for weathercasting and broadcast meteorology.”After writing this paper, you will use your paper to record a manuscript speech to defend the argument of your paper at the College Speaking Lab. Students should call the front desk of the Center for Student Learning for an appointment. The number is 843-953-5635.Your grade will be based on the persuasiveness of your argument and the public speaking tools that we have discussed in the class.The post persuasiveness of your argument and public speaking tools appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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