Persistence poverty and children cognitive developmentAnswer question in complete sentence and use following reference.ARTICLE 1Dickerson, A. & Popli G.K. (2016). Persistent poverty and children’s cognitivedevelopment: Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study. Journal of theRoyal Statistical Society, 179, 535-558.1 Name the two types of poverty conditions named in the article, and explain what constitutes each type?2 What factors of family background were evaluated?3 Explain the periods of poverty most associated with cognitive effects, and explain how thosecognitive findings were expressed (make  sure to also talk about periods vs duration)?4 What family constellation is associated with bad outcomes, and why?5 How is development related to  SES, explain what SES is and  how it affects the trajectory ofof cognitive development?6 The SEM measures what effect  of poverty (please name what  types of effects and what theeffects consist of)?7 Who’s education was most likely to influence children’s cognitive scores?8 Discuss the effects of family size on education outcomes, what is the hypothesis behind this  phenomenon?9 What are the effects of persistent poverty?10 Discuss the interaction between education, mothers, multiple siblings, and parental investment?11 Discuss the effects of persistent poverty vs non poverty also discuss how the direct and indirect effects work together on rank scores of cognition?12 What are the conclusions and findings about persistent poverty vs episodic poverty, and what type of influence do they have on child development?13 What explain the interaction  between parenting and child poverty The post Persistence poverty and children cognitive development appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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