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Perceptions Paper Rubric

Use all of the following characteristics: Motivation, Values, Expectations, Perception (the way you think about or view the world), Experience, Culture, and Personality. (ALL PAPERS ARE PRIVATE) Write a paper on your personal characteristics as well as those that you portray to others.  Your format for the paper consists of two parts.  The first part of the paper will address self-reflection; how you look at yourself. The second part of the paper will be the interviewee section.  In the second part you will address how the other person views you.  The last part of the paper will be considered your conclusion.  This is where you will discuss any discrepancies between the way you view yourself and the way that the person who you interviewed views you.  Your paper must have an Introduction that must include a detailed description of who you are and who the person is that you are questioning about your characteristics

Introduction is worth ten points.  You may write two paragraphs, one explaining who you are and the other explaining who the interviewee is.

For each characteristic, you will reflect on the role it has on your overall perception of life Be sure to address all of the characteristics listed.

Part One: Self-Reflection of Characteristics (35 pts)

You may use these questions as a guide.  Each characteristic must have its own paragraph.

Motivation/Values: What has motivated you throughout your life? What key values play a role in your motivation? Are you an individual that is motivated extrinsically or intrinsically?

Expectations: What expectations do you have that shape your beliefs? You may use any example here, such as dating, education, financial stability, etc.

Experience: What major experiences have shaped who you are today?

Culture: What are some cultural considerations that impact your perception?

Personality: Please explain some aspects of your personality that influences your perception and behavior.


Part Two: Interviewee Responses (35 pts)


In this part of the paper, you will address the same characteristics and questions.  The difference is that you will be asking someone else to answer the questions.  The purpose of this is to see how others view you and if the way they view you coincides with how you perceive yourself.  You may use the same questions from part one and each characteristic must be a paragraph.


Part Three: The last part of your paper is your conclusion.  You must answer the following questions:


What have you learned about yourself doing this assignment?

Did the person you interviewed have similar responses to yours?

Is there anything that you might change about yourself?

Are the characteristics that you portray similar to your actual personality?


Conclusion is worth ten points total for all questions answered (10pts).

Appropriate format of paragraph form, correct subject/verb agreement, and correct spelling is worth ten points (10pts).

All of the above questions must be answered in the paper. Use all of the characteristics to receive full possible credit.

  • Answer the questions for yourself first.
  • Do not show or tell your interviewee your responses.
  • Remember to use all characteristics for full possible credit.



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