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Obesity in school aged children

1. Introduction: Include an introduction paragraph and a thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph. Your thesis statement should be no longer than 1 sentence summarizing the purpose of the paper. 1/ 1 point 2. POI/Topic Selection: Provide an overview of your POI by including: (1) why the problem is significant to your Advanced Practice Nurse role (1 point), (2) who is impacted which may be individuals (patients, nurses) or a larger entity (nursing unit, organization) (1 point), and (3) one outcome measure you expect to achieve by addressing this topic/problem (1 point). Support this section with peer reviewed resources. 3 /3 points 3. PICO: List the following components of your PICO. This section does NOT need to be in paragraph format but should be included in the paper with a heading; see the directions below the rubric. P: population/patients or problem, I: Intervention, C: Comparison, O: Outcomes. You must include each component of the PICO. Formulate a clinical question based on the components of the PICO. Clinical question is worth 2 points, PICO components are worth 1 point each) 6 /6 points total. 4. Overview of Guideline: Provide an overview of the guideline by discussing: the overall objective and benefits of using the guideline in your practice area (1 point) and/or the benefits to patients in your facility by integrating how it impacts at least 1 bioethical principle (beneficence, maleficence, autonomy, justice) into your discussion (1 point). 2/2 points 5. Critique of Guideline: Critique your selected EBP or CP guidelines based on: (1) the quality of evidence used to develop the guideline (3 points) and (2) what is missing or needs to be added for this guideline to be implemented at your site (2 points). You must include a thorough discussion on what levels of evidence were used to create the guideline and how the various levels of evidence contribute to the guidelines strength. 5 /5 points 6. Planning: What is your next step for implementing or not implementing this EBP/CP guideline into practice. Be sure to include why you would or would not recommend implementing it into practice (2 points). Discuss how implementing the guideline at your site/facility would meet at least 2 of the Institute of Medicine Aims (IOM): (safety, efficiency, effectiveness, timeliness, patient centered, and equitable in your discussion. For example, how would implementing your EBP guideline influence patient safety? Support this section with peer reviewed references. If you stated that you would not implement this change, then you must show how your facility is already meeting at least 3 of the IOM aims while utilizing their current practice standards. (4 points) 6 / 6 points 7. Conclusion: Provide a summary of the main points of the paper in 1 concluding paragraph. Remember that your conclusion paragraph should not contain any new information that was not presented elsewhere in the paper. 1/ 1 point 8. Guideline link: Provide a working link to your guideline after the conclusion. 1/1 point. This section should include a level 1 heading and the link immediately after. The link should be a direct link to your guideline. APA deductions or other deductions: Total: /25 DEDUCTIONS: Lack of scholarship up to 20% of the total point value (5 points) may be deducted for any of the following errors: incorrect submission format (not in a pdf, incorrect file name), APA errors, Title or reference page errors, incorrect paraphrasing or plagiarism concerns, lack of clarity, conciseness in writing, grammar, spelling, over the page limit, lack of proper references to support statements, and/or poor overall writing skills. Students are required to have all topics pre-approved before beginning their papers. If you failed to meet this requirement or your submission for approval was late, a 10% deduction (2.5 points) will be deducted from your overall grade. If you do not choose an appropriate guideline or the guidelines is out of date then a 5% deduction (1.25) will be received. Guidelines are expected to be no more than 5 years old; it is preferred for guidelines to be within 3 years old when possible. Students are expected to include scholarly references with this paper. While you can use your textbooks, you should limit the use of textbooks to no more than 2 resources, all others should be peer reviewed. A minimum of 3 additional peer-reviewed references should be included, excluding text books, and the practice guideline used in the paper. These references should be timely, within the last 5 years. Order of Paper for Submission: title page, body of paper, references and Turnitin Originality Report. All items should be merged into 1 single, PDF file. Maximum page limit: 6 pages excluding title page, references, and turnitin. Faculty can not pre-approve any guideline selections for student.

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