Nursing CAPS 401This is related to paper 279064031. This assignment was supposed to help us complete assignment 279064031. please see below. Since I cannot choose my previous writer who ever is assigned need to see order: 279064731 and 279207240. I just realized that we had this assignment.For this assignment you need to log in into my account to fill out the work sheet:https://learn.westcoastuniversity.eduusername: rvaval1Password: Student123once the page opens: click on course Caps 401on the left side: click on week 3and click on :Week 3: Database Searching, Synonyms, and Booleans for the Mathematical/Analytical Perspective of Inquiryand click on the woorksheet document format.If you need more information please contact meThis assignment on database searching will help you prepare for your first perspectives paper. It is recommended that you complete this assignment first. This assignment will help you refine your database search based on your research questions for the mathematical/analytical perspective of inquiry. (You are not required to complete this document for the scientific perspective of inquiry, but you may choose to do so for your own purposes.)Complete either worksheet format below and submit it to Blackboard for grading.Worksheet PDF Click for more optionsWorksheet Word Document Format Click for more optionsThe post Nursing CAPS 401 appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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