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Building design and development

For this project, students should form groups of 4 to 6 students each to work on this project.
Due to climate change, green and sustainable issues have become a very important aspect
of building design and development. As a building performance consultant to a local
developer who is keen to incorporate the green and sustainable building systems, you are to
advise the developer on the potential building systems that could be incorporated in a
number of his commercial building projects.
Task 1: Propose a suitable system for each of the following building systems. (30 marks)
(1) Envelope system
(2) HVAC system
In your recommendation of the proposed building systems, you need to justify your
recommendation by highlighting their green and sustainable features specifically on the
aspects of thermal comfort and energy efficiency.
Task 2: Discuss the use of building energy management system to optimise the HVAC and
lighting system energy consumption. (10 marks)
Task 3: Propose a building energy simulation software to estimate the building energy
consumption. (40 marks)
In your recommendation of the proposed building energy simulation software, you need to
identify key features and advantages of the software, the key environmental factors and the
associated design parameters that should be considered in the simulation, the boundary
conditions required for simulation and the expected simulation outputs.
1. Group Oral Presentation (15 marks)
Each group presents 15 minutes. The presentation should include all the 3 Tasks as listed
above. There will be about 5 minutes for questions.
2. Group Final Report (80 marks)
Each group must submit a technical report that covers all the 3 Tasks as listed above.
Word count guide: 2500 words.
The report format, structure, tidiness and reference count for 5 marks.
The report should be produced in a single document in A4 format, in a Word or pdf
document. Photographs and sketches may be used, where relevant. Please ensure that any
images are compressed before insertion into the document to minimize file size.
Reporting standards
1. You are required to use professional, non‐discriminatory language.
2. A recognised referencing system must be used for all work; unless otherwise specified for a
particular piece of work. The Harvard System is recommended. Information about the Harvard
(and other systems) is available from:
 Hughes, B. (ed) (1995) The Penguin Working Words: An Australian Guide to Modern English
Usage, Penguin, Ringwood.
 VU library information on citing and referencing. Go to the Library web site‐borrowing/search‐browse‐resources/library‐guides
 VU Harvard referencing guide

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