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Disease Papers

he course is loosely divided into four different sections, of which three focus on types of diseases: infectious disease, chronic disease and mental or neurodegenerative disease. You will write a short paper following each section, focusing on a disease of your choosing that preferably was not covered in class. The paper should be 4 pages in length (not including the cover page or references), double-spaced, one inch margins, 12 point Times or Times-New Roman font, with a cover-page. Each paper should include an introduction to the disease with common name and scientific name (if appropriate), the incidence/prevalence of the disease, risk factors, how it is transmitted (infectious diseases), causes (chronic diseases), symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention measures for a disease of your choice

Infectious disease Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Research Paper Rubric

Introduction to disease (& discuss naming of illness as appropriate)
Incidence/prevalence (be sure to address both)
Risk factors
Transmission (infectious) / or causes (chronic diseases)
Prevention measures
References (appropriately referenced with correct citations)
Grammar, spelling, writing style

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