Marketing, secondary researchfile “secondary research ” is the guide to finish this paper. “team assignment 1 ” is my team’s hw last time. blue part is teacher’s comments . so please remember to be on the same page with the team assignment . as it mentioned, we are working with Gracenote “The Company is working on a new product that will be offered to automakers. The new product – Smart Radio Solution – will provide drivers the possibility to search for radio stations based on their categories and also allow them to keep listening to their favorite radio stations even when the broadcasted tuning network is out of range, through streaming.” other attachments are the info that Grace note send us. and the slides that professor use in class. **the screen shot part pls combine the link so i can screen it on my computer **. ##please use IELTS 6 level to write, do not use all professional and difficult words## Think in a unique way ! google scholar is good, no wikipedia , thanks. at least seven sourcesThe post Marketing, secondary research appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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