Mammography Radiology: Part 2: Research & Concept SummaryResearch your concept to gain knowledge about how the concept applies to the radiography profession. Review several web pages, articles, & videos.Pick 2 videos and 2 web pages that will provide pertinent information about your chosen topic. These need to be from reputable sources (Wikipedia is not a reliable source).Write a 150-200 word summary, in your own words, over your chosen topic. If the summary is not in your own words, you will receive ZERO points for this part of the project. At the end of the summary, include active links for the videos and web pages you selected.You also need to copy and paste the text of your summary as a discussion board thread on the Project Discussion Board. Make sure to include the active video & web page links for your classmates to review. Do not attach your summary as a document. I have posted an example.The post Mammography Radiology: Part 2: Research & Concept Summary appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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