Literature Da Chen’s memoir Colors of the Mountain.Reading: Please read the first half (to p. 152) of Da Chen’s memoir Colors of the Mountain. You will see that the author is a person who has faced a great many problems. Your task is to notice what those problems are and what inventive means he finds to solve them.Writing; Once again you are to read with pen in hand. I’d like you to select five passages from Da Chen’s book. These passage should illustrate ways in which the narrator solves problems he faces.You should copy out each passage exactly as it appears in the book. After copying the passage please comment on it, explaining what problem Da Chen faces and what his solution is to that problem. Remember that when you write you are always writing for someone intelligent but unfamiliar with the text you are writing about, so you need to use paraphrase and summary to make yourself clear.It’s important that your commentary be longer (2x) than the passage you are commenting on. Remember you’re explaining something and to do that you have to make all of your thought process clear on the page.Please indicate the page number of each passage you quote in this assignment. Put the page number in parentheses at the end of each passage you select.I have ebook on Walmart.You just need write analyze for 4 pages. The passages which are you choose you can just Copy and Paste and please on which page did you find them !!!!!!!!The post Literature Da Chen’s memoir Colors of the Mountain. appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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